Saturday, September 5, 2015

"Moral Mondays" Protestors Import Out of State Union Workers

Liberals would have us believe that the “Moral Mondays” protestors are grass roots activists fighting the good fight against the evil republicans in North Carolina’s state legislature.  Well, we’re finding out it’s all a charade.  These events are well funded by out of state organizations even the protestors are not from North Carolina.

Here is an excerpt from an interview conducted at a rally in Winston-Salem, NC.

"Sometimes financial constraints are just an issue; the union steps up and supports that issue," said Daren Howell, a member of 1199 SEIU in Boston.
 Howell said it to a member of the NCGOP at Monday's massive voting rights rally in Winston-Salem, who was there with microphone and camera interviewing protesters.

"Literally, we walked in and the first person I said, 'Where you from?' and they said New York," said NCGOP spokesman Ricky Diaz. "The unions were bussing them in to protest our voter ID law here in North Carolina."

That's consistent with an allegation Diaz has been pushing for months: that so-called "Moral Monday" rallies are bought and paid for by out-of-state unions.

"This video is further proof that out of state money is funding Moral Monday here," said Diaz.

During the three-minute clip, the NCGOP member holding the microphone asks Howell, "Some people are complaining that the protesters are being paid by unions. What do you think about that?"

Howell answers, "I think the reality is that if you ask anyone whether or not they wanted to be here or if they had to be paid to be here, you'll see that they would be here regardless. Sometimes financial constraints are just an issue. The union steps up and supports that issue."

The interviewer then asks Howell, "How does it work, is that an hourly wage when you come down here? Is that how it works?"

Howell replies, "It depends. It could be a stipend. It could be per diem. It could be, you know, on your own accord, if you had that allowance."

Diaz says that amounts to a smoking gun; proof of the NCGOP assertion that unions are paying protesters to come to North Carolina Moral Monday rallies.

I don’t recall anybody funding my trips to Tea Party events in Washington D.C. and Raleigh, but I’m told by progressives it was all paid for by the Koch brothers.  Where do I send my receipts?


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