Thursday, September 3, 2015

In Defense of Michelle Obama's Fat Ass

In a world where garbage bins are brimming with skimpy and unrecognizable school lunches and children are languishing through hours of educational doldrums, here and there, a student’s stomach protests the lack of sustenance and a head collapses on a desk for want of a decent meal.  You can bet a libtard will defend Michelle Obama’s Maoist-style school lunch initiatives while she sucks the juices off a rib bone on another taxpayer funded vacation.

The libtards at have taken umbrage at critics who point out the First Lady’s health-style initiatives while at the same time having a little fun with one of her most prominent features.  Here is an excerpt:

That’s right. Rush Limbaugh thinks Michelle Obama is fat.
Needless to say she’s not telling people to eat bark or that the unemployed and their kids should try to get some drips of papaya juice at the mall while she and her girls eat ribs. All the woman is doing is trying to do is raise awareness about childhood obesity and fitness. It’s really not revolutionary. In fact, one of Rush’s main squeezes, Arnold Schwarzenegger, made a whole career out of this stuff before he entered politics. It’s a sad comment on our times when the first lady can’t even promote child nutrition without the right wing treating her as if she’s fomenting a revolution in the streets.

It’s kind of hard to foment revolution when the people are starving.  Both Mao and Stalin knew this simple fact.


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