Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Liberal Malice and Ignorance Erodes Liberty

Most Americans have no fundamental understanding of our Constitution and the workings of our federalist system.  When the U.S. Supreme Court manufactured a right – gay marriage – by bastardizing the 14th Amendment very few questioned the legitimacy of their dictum.  Actually, just the opposite happened.  Liberals were elated that five black robed thugs could whimsically impose their will upon the American people with little regard for the law, or the democratic process.

When an elected official from the state of Kentucky was jailed for practicing her Christian faith by denying marriage licenses to gay couples, the media celebrated.  They rejoiced that a Christian was being punished for exercising her First Amendment right of freedom of religion.  Mind you, this is an actual right enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, not some crypto-rightist nonsense promoted by liberals, their media surrogates, and enforced by a judicial oligarchy.

The above cartoon was published in the Charlotte Observer.  Kevin Siers is their illustrator.  He was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for his work denigrating the U.S. Constitution, federalism, conservatives and the Christian faith.  

The above cartoon is typical of the liberal mindset in today’s printed press.  As you can see, Mr. Siers has no understanding of the important role Christians played in the founding of this great nation.  As a matter of fact, he equates the “Jesus freaks” with the murderous ideology of Islam.  Either this man is stupid, or he’s intentionally insulting over 80% of the U.S. population who identify themselves as Christians.

What we have is a serious erosion of liberty brought upon by ignorance and  malice.  A professor from Princeton summed it up:

The professor said that most of his students would likely answer that the founders passed the Bill of Rights, leaving the Supreme Court with the power to enforce those rights.
 George contended that answer was wrong, saying, “That misunderstanding has led to a serious erosion of our freedom.
 Instead, the professor argued that the Bill of Rights were “hotly debated” because many feared it “would actually undermine the main protections against tyranny.” According to George, the Constitution’s call for a “limited nature of the national government” was itself the chief protection against tyranny.

“The Constitution did not envision a national government of general jurisdiction … but rather a government of enumerated and delegated powers. A government that had authority over only specific areas of American life,” he said, adding that “all other powers” were reserved to the states or “American people themselves.”
 George said that the Ninth and Tenth Amendments have failed to curtail the growth of the federal government and that the Supreme Court has failed to keep the other two legislative and executive branches in check, resulting in a loss of freedom for the American people.

And no one checks the Supreme Court when they legislate and create rights from the bench.


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