Saturday, September 5, 2015

Progressives Anti-Christian Mission

If our ancestors could see the United States today, they would be dumbfounded at how spiritually bankrupt we as a people have become.  We are nothing like the preceding generations that forged this great nation.  As a matter of fact, elements in powerful places have waged a not so silent war on Christianity itself. 

Progressives and their black robed thugs have successfully bastardized the First Amendment and the language therein.  When our founding fathers defined religion, they meant Methodist, Catholics, Presbyterians, Baptists, etc.  They saw the United States as a Christian nation with a mission.  They believed this great country had a covenant with God.  Progressives have forced a new covenant.  They have shunned God and particularly Christianity for humanism and worship of government.  This is a recent phenomenon.  Their new “religion” is in direct conflict with the historical record; that is why they must corrupt the minds of our youth and our culture.

The American Civil War officially ended 150 years ago.  In historical terms, this is recent history.  Dr. Sean Scott, an assistant professor in American studies at Christopher Newport University, discussed his book, A Visitation of God on Carolina Journal Radio.  Here is an excerpt on their discussion on the Northern perspective on God, faith, religion, Christianity, and the American Civil War.

Scott: There’s, I think, kind of three themes that come out. The first one is the emphasis on providence or the sovereignty of God — how many individuals saw the war as being directed by God or being controlled by him. That yes, individual people were making the decisions and were fighting the battles and whatnot, but yet they saw a higher power that was kind of controlling American history.

And they thought this way because a second theme was the importance of the Union and the fact that it was sacred — that America was kind of destined in providential history to be that kind of last bastion of democracy and we would export democracy around the world. And not only that: Christianity would be sent around the globe and that heathens would be Christianized. And if America, as a nation, split in two, then what is that going to do with God’s plan for the Union? 

And so there was that sacred element that most religious people talked about in their letters. And so, battles weren’t just the specific [of] who won the Battle of Bull Run. Yes, obviously that’s important … but they also want to know how is this helping us move forward and promoting the vision of what they think America should be. 

And then, because of that, this kind of assurance that God was working on behalf of the North, you’ve got a divided citizenry. And so you’ve got a lot of Democrats who are opposed to the Lincoln administration or how he’s prosecuting the war, especially once it becomes an emancipationist war. 

And so on the home front you see a lot of division. And churches themselves are even divided when you have Democratic members who don’t like the fact that their pastor is always talking about the war — that it’s about slavery. And in some cases you’ve got Republican members who don’t like the fact that their minister isn’t talking about the war enough. 

And so you have church splits that I found; even small churches with only 20, 30 people. They would have resolutions on whether or not the war was about slavery or what exactly was going on. And you would hear these dissenters who would not vote for the resolution, then ultimately they would show up as, in a few months, not attending the church anymore, and — in some cases — pastors being forced out of their denomination because they voted for a Democratic candidate for governor or whatever the case might be. So this political division in the North came into the churches as well, and that was something that really kind of surprised me.

Pastors discussed politics in church?  That used to be the norm.  Now churches lose their tax exempt status for talking about politics.  Mind you, this codification didn’t happen until the Progressive Era and the big lie of separation of church and state was foisted upon the citizenry.

Once again, we have a demonstration of how successful liberals have been at bastardizing our history, language and laws.


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