Saturday, August 13, 2016

Generational Atrophy of Mind, Body and Character

The theme of the day seems to center around generational atrophy of mind, body and character.  My previous post bemoaned Western leadership.  We have a bunch of thumb suckers compared to thirty years ago.  A study on men’s health has rendered the same conclusion.

Think you’d beat your dad in an arm wrestling competition when he was your age? Bad news: he’d probably kick your ass.

Men today are weaker than they were 30 years ago, research in the Journal of Hand Therapy found.

In the study, men aged 20-34 have lower grip and pinch strength – which measures how strong your hand and upper extremities are – than the same aged guys did three decades ago.

In fact, the average grip strength for men ages 25-29 is nearly 12 kilograms lower today than it was before.

Your grip may not seem super important unless you’re a competitive arm wrestler, but it actually serves as a good proxy of your overall strength.
Weakness in mind, body and character.  We shouldn’t be surprised when Hillary Clinton takes the oath of office next January.  It’s a testament to how low our country has fallen.


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