Sunday, August 14, 2016

Democrats Mobilize to Strike Down Voter ID Laws

You would think Americans could agree on laws like Voter ID.  Reasonable people would conclude this is common sense legislation that ensures the integrity of the vote.  But once again, we are mistaken.  Progressives don’t care about integrity of the vote.  What they want is to steal elections.

Democrats have hired a super-lawyer to contest voting laws around the country.  Marc Elias represents a consortium of liberal organizations and has a multi-million dollar deal with the devil himself, George Soros.  Somebody has to finance this totalitarian power grab.

Progressives would have us believe that minorities are too stupid and lazy to obtain an ID, or register to vote in a timely fashion.  What they want is same day voting without proof of residency.  This is how Barack Obama and the Democratic Party stole the vote in the 2008 election in North Carolina.  Here is a video by the Civitas Institute explaining how that was done.


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