Sunday, August 7, 2016

Welcome to Fellatio Cafe!

UK's first naked restaurant will reveal all when it opens in London tomorrow

Charlotte already has one foot in the gutter by allowing predators and the mentally ill to use bathrooms that are contrary to their gender.  Why shouldn’t the Queen City embrace a hedonistic culture like San Francisco, or London?
Hell, if no one can restrict bathroom privacy, why not a BJ over a cup of coffee?  Better yet, how about some bangers and mash while someone tosses your salad.

London could soon host its first ever ‘fellatio café’ for punters seeking oral pleasure with their morning coffee.

If the business manages to overcome all the legal barriers to opening, the café will offer customers a selection of coffees, along with oral sex performed by an escort.
Founder Bradley Charvet said he plans to establish a branch of the coffee shop in Paddington, London.

Charvet told the Evening Standard he is confident the business will go ahead
Didn’t Charlotte’s transgender bathroom decision happen over a cup of coffee?  Makes you wonder.


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