Sunday, August 7, 2016

Charlotte Self-Indentifies as Progressively Stupid

Charlotte, North Carolina is achieving an ignominious reputation as the most “progressive” city in the South.  Libtards have swept all common sense and decency from government offices and bathrooms by ushering in a hodgepodge of iniquity, stupidity and politically correct nonsense.  And it all has to do with gender identity. 

Today, it’s not enough to check your pants to determine if you’re a boy or girl, it’s all about feelings and self-esteem.  Back in the day – when we had common sense – those who were confused about their gender were taught simple biology, or counseled about their mental illness.  Now a day, we parade the afflicted as if they were heroes.    

Here is a report from WSOCTV:

Eliminating boy and girl references is one of several policies included in the CMS bully prevention regulations.
One policy allows students to participate in extracurricular activities and overnight field trips based on their gender identity. A student who identifies as a girl would be allowed to participate in an "all-girl" overnight trip.
Another policy says CMS must evaluate all gender-based activities and "maintain only those that have clear and sound pedagogical purpose."
The North Carolina Values Coalition calls the rules radical and a violation of privacy.
"School is no longer about reading, writing and arithmetic. It is now about gender fluidity," Tami Fitzgerald of the NC Values Coalition said.
CMS officials say the policies in the presentation are meant to serve as guidelines.
"CMS remains fully committed to supporting its transgender students and nurturing a safe and welcoming environment for every student and employee," CMS Chief Communications Officer Kathryn Block said.
A well-known part of the policy has to do with bathrooms. It says students can use the bathroom of the gender they identify with. However that won't be implemented at the start of school because the U.S. Supreme Court put a hold on a federal judge's order that would have allowed this.

A clear and sound pedagogical purpose?  Wow!


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