Tuesday, August 9, 2016

HB2 Nothing More Than Liberal Political Stink

Ease up on the hyperventilating, libtards.  The HB2 crisis hasn’t had a devastating effect on North Carolina’s economy as all the popper sniffers would have us believe.   Andrew Heath, state budget director, has sprayed some Lysol on this whole bathroom nonsense.  The big stink all these liberals are spewing is from their mouth and not actual data.  Here is an excerpt from his op-ed:

Regardless of one’s position on HB2, one must conclude based on the facts that any purported fallout from HB2, which is mostly speculative and unquantifiable, pales in comparison to the actual economic impact of the pro-growth policies that have led to the creation of 300,000 net new jobs since 2013. These policies have continued to benefit the state.

Here are some relevant facts since HB2 took effect:

▪ Nearly 5,000 new jobs have been announced since March.

▪ Moody’s reported that North Carolina’s 2016 year-to-date revenue growth has outpaced the 20 largest states’ average by more than 2-to-1.

▪ North Carolina’s unemployment rate returned to pre-recession levels at 4.9 percent and is down in all 100 counties since 2013.

▪ S&P, Moody’s and Fitch affirmed North Carolina’s AAA credit rating, citing the state’s continued diverse economic expansion.

▪ CNBC moved North Carolina from #9 to #5 in the ranking of best states for business.

▪ North Carolina ended the fiscal year with a $425 million revenue surplus.

The entertainers and businesses who have chosen to cancel shows, games or jobs as a form of political speech are free to do so, but those few actions will not affect the state’s overall economic position. The vast majority of entertainers, athletes and businesses are not falling for the false narrative.

Somehow I don’t believe these self-important pricks really give a damn about how ineffective their protestations are.


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