Monday, August 1, 2016

Ohio Obamacare Co-op Fails

Obamacare is a colossal failure.  States that bought into this pie-in-the-sky scheme are finding out costs are unsustainable and citizens are left holding the bag.  Gov. John Kasich of Ohio bragged about his participation in this government controlled Petri dish only to find out the suckers who enrolled in this subsidized free-for-all are about to find out they’re screwed.  Here is an excerpt from the

The latest round of failures poses an even thornier problem than earlier cases because enrollees’ coverage is now being disrupted in the middle of the year. That can increase patients’ out of pocket costs and make it harder to keep the same doctors.

In Illinois, Oregon and Ohio, a combined total of about 92,000 people are being forced to find a new plan. A co-op in a fourth state, Connecticut, will last until the end of the year. 

My question is where are they going to go?  The federal government along with their state officials has destroyed its health insurance industry. 

Thank God, North Carolina’s General Assembly had the wisdom to refrain from participating in a scheme that was destined to fail.  Democrats wailed and bemoaned this lost opportunity to get “federal money” into state’s coffers believing there would be no consequences to our health care system.  Now look at what has happened to all those states that took the bait.  And what does the Obama administration have to say for this fiasco?  Sorry Charlie!


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