Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ex-Secret Service Agent Ask Never Trumpers if They're Crazy

Dan Bongino, an ex-Secret Service agent, is asking the same questions the rest of us are: Are you never Trumpers really going to allow Hillary Clinton to become president of the United States? 

These GOP elites would rather have a known criminal and traitor in the White House than an outspoken businessman who didn’t come up through the ranks.   Here are his remarks as reported in WND:

“Understand this … by supporting Hillary you are actively contributing to the destruction of the greatest country on Earth,” he thundered. “This is not a theoretical exercise. You are destroying your kids’ economy. You are destroying your kids’ health care system. You are destroying your kids’ education system. You are destroying any semblance of reality in our court system. You’re destroying any sense of getting the government out of your life through this massive overgrowth of government bureaucracy. And you’re entrenching seven years of Barack Obama.

“You. In real time, you’re doing that.”

And for those who think Trump is a sociopath:

“Bret Stephens at the Wall Street Journal said at least Mrs. Clinton isn’t a sociopath,” Bongino charged. “Listen, I was a graduate student in psychology. I encourage you strongly to look up the definition of a sociopath. Maybe you’ll re-evaluate that stance.”

The former Secret Service officer condemned those who believe the 2016 election is simply some abstract question of ideology.

“What is this, some bizarre theoretical exercise to you where you think you’re making some kind of a point by supporting Hillary Clinton?” he asked. “What’s your point? ‘I hate America and I want to destroy it?'”

What they want is to destroy any opposition to their fiefdom, the country be damned. 


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