Saturday, August 13, 2016

Media Caught Openly Advocating Hillary Clinton's Presidency

Thirty years ago, the media were subtle about their leftist inclinations.  We all knew they were raging progressives despite their attempts at deception.  Today, these so-called objective reporters aren’t hiding their political affiliations.  They have become an arm of the Democratic Party.

Sharyl Attkisson witnessed media advocacy first hand. 

Sharyl Attkisson: There’s definitely tilted news coverage. I can’t imagine any objective observer who would think otherwise. And, I tell you, I was in a room of journalists in which one of them encouraged the others quite publicly to step up and do something because he said the outcome of this election was so important. And the other thing he said led me to believe and others. He was talking about journalists stepping outside of their role to make sure Donald Trump doesn’t get elected. And he received applause for that. It’s fine for the pundits to do that but I think journalists are widely overstepping their roles.


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