Thursday, August 11, 2016

Three Homes for Bernie!

Three homes for Bernie Sanders!  Do progressives have any shame?  It’s one thing to run your mouth about the depredations of capitalism and the free market, but apparently it doesn’t apply to our wannabe overlords who are looking for beachfront property.  The New York Post reported the following:

There are no grounds for suspicion: Bernie is a kook, not a crook. It seems an inheritance for wife Jane allowed the Sanders family to buy a $600,000 summer house in North Hero, Vt., an area they’ve long loved.

The four-bedroom crib faces 500 feet of Lake Champlain beachfront; the couple will use it mainly in the summer, spending most of their time at their Capitol Hill rowhouse and another home in New North End, Vt.

The Sanderses’ income from the Senate, Social Security and various small investments is a bit over $200,000, enough to put them in the top 4 percent — still safely out of 1 percent territory. Estimates of their wealth had been around $500,000 before Jane’s windfall.

Call it the result of a life of modest living, albeit in decades on the government payroll: It’s still proof that even a fervid socialist can do OK in a nation he insists is dominated by the super-rich.

Hey Bernie, how about a taxpayer time share?  After all, you didn’t earn that.  What a POS.


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