Wednesday, August 24, 2016

150 Year Olds Have Already Voted in North Carolina

The next time a libtard tells you there isn’t voter fraud happening in North Carolina, you tell them the Carolina Transparency project has found over 2000 registered voters that are 110 years old and still voting!

Many are even older than 110. In fact, it seems that NC has an awful lot of voters that are 112, too. The Carolina Transparency project did a review of the voter rolls this year and found that there are 631 Democrats who are 112 or older. By contrast, the Republicans can only find 229 over 112 voters in the state (and “unaffiliated” found 39).

And it gets worse. Two voters — and, yes, they’ve already voted in early voting — are over 150! One in Gaston County is 154 and another in Granville County is an astonishing 160!

Nothing to see here.  Move along.  Nothing to see here.  Move along.


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