Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Death of Journalism in an Age of Aggressive Liberalism

The lamentations of a bygone era when journalism was an objective and respected profession have reached its zenith in an age of aggressive liberalism.  You can’t help get soaked by crocodile tears bubbling up from the editorial pages in both national and local newspapers.  Leftist pundits are wondering if we, as a people, are capable of a dialogue.  The answer is no. 

Leonard Pitts, Jr. opined on the right vs. left schism in the United States.  If his op-ed was an attempt at starting a dialogue, it sure as hell missed the mark.  Here is an excerpt:

That’s one example: There are others. But instead of calling out biases in the mainstream media structure or simply creating a parallel media structure to tell their side of the story as women, African-Americans, LGBTQ people and other marginalized communities have done, conservatives sought instead to raze mainstream media to the ground.

Sykes, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and others advanced a narrative in which no institution or authoritative source — not statistics, not science, not history, not polls, not CBS, CNN, The Miami Herald, or The New York Times — is legitimate if it contradicts conservative orthodoxy or simply questions the latest harebrained conspiracy theory.

The result has been nothing less than the unraveling of the American mind. We have become a nation of junk history, junk science, junk fact, junk logic, junk thought, a nation where not knowing things is no longer a bar to high office and may even be an advantage, a nation where it is necessary to debate whether a birth certificate is really a birth certificate and Donald Trump followers think the election will be “rigged.”

First of all, we have been calling out the biases of the mainstream media for decades.  Second, conservatives have created an alternative media.  I’m surprised Mr. Pitts is unaware of it.  Third, we are razing the mainstream media to ground.  But I assure you, it wasn’t us who lit the match.  And finally, the sources Mr. Pitts cited are no longer an authoritative source, or a respected institution.  Progressives saw to that.

Mr. Pitts is right in one sense: A generation of Americans have come of age in ignorance, intransigence, and incoherence as their daily norm.  I call that the Age of Obama.  Be sure to check your underwear before entering a public bathroom.        


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