Saturday, August 27, 2016

Democrats Impose Third World Corruption on Americans

A hallmark of third world countries is corruption.  Bribery is pervasive at all levels of society.  Nothing can get done without paying to play.  Mexicans have a word for it: Mordida. 

Mordida is a way of life for our southern neighbors.  Politicians and public servants are expected to be corrupt.  This is why crime and chaos are pervasive.  Here is an excerpt from

 For angry and disenchanted Mexican citizens across the political spectrum, "impunity" means two things simultaneously. It signifies the deep and embedded injustice within their nation's governing institutions and society. When shouted by protestors, it expresses deep distrust of and disgust with political and economic leaders who cannot -- or worse, will not -- combat it.

How bad is the "impunity" Mexicans despise? In February, the Center for Impunity and Justice Studies published an "impunity index" that indicated only 4.46 percent of reported crimes in Mexico resulted in convictions. The report estimated that only 7 percent of crimes in Mexico are actually reported, which meant 99 percent of committed crimes were not punished. Why? Mexican citizens told investigators that it took a lot of time to report a crime -- which is a way of saying police and judicial branches were unresponsive to average citizens. Citizens also lacked faith in these authorities --another way of saying they lacked faith in institutional and organizational leadership. The study's statistics have been criticized, but the reasons given for citizens' reluctance to report crimes are beyond dispute.

Is this where we’re heading?  The Obama administration has thoroughly politicized every aspect of American life right down to our bathrooms.  He has polluted our bureaucracies with ideologues and grafters.  One only has to look at Hillary Clinton, the Justice Department and the FBI to see “impunity” for those who belong to a specific party and hold positions of power.

This president, along with the whole Democratic Party apparachik has made a mockery of the law just like the third world.  The EPA is a perfect example.  Under President Obama this agency has been turned loose on the American people with impunity.  Here are a few examples provided by Investor’ Business Daily:

A 2014 report, again by the EPA's inspector general, found that the agency had actually done dangerous human experiments to test tolerance of various pollutants, without informing the participants of the dangers involved. As science writer Steve Milloy, who first reported on the illegal tests, noted, "EPA failed to tell these study subjects it believed the experiments could cause death."

The Environment & Energy Legal Institute, a private watchdog, last year revealed "records showing illegal activities by EPA staff, colluding with certain environmental-group lobbyists, to draft EPA's greenhouse-gas rules behind the scenes and outside of public view." EELI Senior Attorney Chris Horner told the Daily Caller that the emails "prove beyond any doubt that EPA conducted its campaign to impose the global warming agenda unlawfully, making the rules themselves unlawful."

The Government Accountability Office released a report late last year calling the EPA's social-media campaign for stringent water-use rules — which have drawn powerful opposition from the farming and energy industries -- "covert propaganda" and a violation of the law.

Former EPA chief Lisa Jackson had her own email scandal but at least she didn’t have a personal server in her basement.  But that’s not all.  Apparently, the EPA has an untraceable slush fund for environmental groups that’s been going on since 2009.  Here is an excerpt from the Daily Caller:

The Department of Treasury’s Judgment Fund database tracks how much federal agencies have paid out for lawsuits and court settlements, but doesn’t track the names of the individuals or groups that are actually suing the government.

More than $49 million in taxpayer funds was paid to lawyers suing the Obama administration under three major environmental statutes, TheDCNF found. Environmental activists have gotten millions from taxpayers suing the government to expand federal regulation.

After watching the corruption in the Democratic Party, it begins to make sense as to why Democrats want to flood the United States with third worlders.  These people come from a culture that loves centralized government and one party rule.  They expect their leaders to be corrupt and act with impunity.  Barack Obama and the Clintons are the ones illegal aliens have been waiting for.


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