Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Islamic Reformation is Here

Politics and religion are the two topics that are toxic to a conversation.  The problem is a serious person can’t avoid talking about the issues of the day, simply because it affects our lives.  Others just want to bury their head in a cell phone and play Pokémon Go all damn day which is fine as long as they don’t vote.  The problem is they do vote.

Unless you’re crawling under a rock to capture Pikachu, one can’t escape the daily murders committed by jihadist.  But whatever you do, don’t blame it on Islam.  None of this violence has anything to do with that religion of peace.  These militants have hijacked a great religion, so we’re told.

One cannot engage in a conversation without the obligatory, Christians have committed just as many atrocities as Muslims.  These apologists can’t resist moral equivalency.  They would rather condemn all religions rather than distinguish the historical context and the philosophical nature of purported crimes.

Barack Obama is a master at moral equivalency to the point of embarrassment.  He can’t resist defending Islam.  He imputes contributions and achievements that are incredulous.  I’m waiting for the moment when he declares George Washington the first Imam of the United States.

The simple fact is you can separate Jesus Christ from those who’ve committed atrocities in his name; however, you can’t separate Muhammad from his blood thirsty followers.  Jesus lived a life of peace and forgiveness; Muhammad didn’t and that makes all the difference.

Christianity had its reformation about 500 years ago.  Many are wondering if Islam is capable of reforming itself.  A few contend ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda, and other like minded groups are the Islamic Reformation.  Samuel Huntington warned us about an Islamic Resurgence in his prophetic book, The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order.

In its political manifestation, the Islamic Resurgence bears some resemblance to Marxism, with scriptural texts, a vision of the perfect society, commitment to fundamental change, rejection of the powers that be and the nation state, and doctrinal diversity ranging from moderate reformist to violent revolutionary.  A more useful analogy, however, is the Protestant Reformation.  Both are reactions to the stagnation and corruption of existing institutions; advocate a return to a purer and more demanding form of their religion; preach work, order, and discipline; and appeal to emerging, dynamic, middle-class people.

Huntington further stated:

To ignore the impact of the Islamic Resurgence on Eastern Hemispheric politics in the late twentieth century is equivalent to ignoring the Protestant Reformation on European politics in the late sixteenth century.

Apologists for Islam will continue to make excuses for this sorry excuse of a religion.  They will continue to advocate for a reformation when in fact it already happened and it’s being displayed for the whole world to see.  

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