Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Republican Party's Augean Stables

Washington D.C. is completely corrupt and it’s obvious that town is incapable of reform.   The past seven years have demonstrated interparty collusion when it comes to funding the federal government.  Sure, Republicans and Democrats bicker about policy, but both keep feeding the pig lest special interests, progressives, lobbyists and the mainstream media squeal from a dried up teat.

Everyone knows progressives lie, cheat and steal, however; we expect better from Republicans.  That’s why the past seven years have been a revelation.  It’s all about the club and the Star Chamber determines who has membership.  That’s why so many in the establishment refuse to back anyone who didn’t matriculate in the GOP fraternity.  That’s why many refuse to back Donald Trump.

Rep. Charlie Dent is a perfect example of a GOP operative who would rather have Hillary Clinton in the White House instead of an outsider like Donald Trump.  Here is his reasoning:

CHARLIE DENT (R-PA): Eric, you mention the Supreme Court. Look, I want to make sure that we put somebody in there that embraces our values on the Supreme Court, too. But then why would the nominee be picking a fight with John McCain and Kelly Ayotte? 

ERIC BOLLING (HOST): You play around these satellite things like he's picking a fight. How about immigration at the Supreme Court level? How about gun control at the Supreme Court level? How about minimum wage at the Supreme Court level? These are things I worry about, my 17- or 18-year-old son has to worry about and deal with for his lifetime, not whether or not Donald Trump fights with McCain. 

DENT: Eric, we need to maintain the Senate. Fighting with John McCain and Kelly Ayotte, two senators who are in very difficult reelections, criticizing them does not advance our interest in trying to maintain Supreme Court. If Chuck Schumer is in charge of the Senate, it’s going to be very difficult for President Trump, for example -- 

BOLLING: So not voting for Donald Trump will help you win the Senate, how? 

DENT: My priority in this election is to maintain the Senate and to maintain the House. Like I said -- 

BOLLING: So saying you’re going to sit this election out is a way that you'll maintain the Senate or the House? Congressman, it's backward logic. It's the reason the American public is so tired of business as usual in D.C.

Rep. Charlie Dent wants to maintain the Senate and the House?   To what purpose?  Did Republicans stop any of Obama’s executive orders and bureaucratic regulations?  Did they defund any unconstitutional programs that were forced down our throats?  Better yet, will they stop any of Hillary Clinton’s radical nominees for the Supreme Court?  The answer is no!

This election cycle is proof positive that it will be a herculean task to clean out the GOP’s Augean Stables.  Here is a video that demonstrates the power of incumbency and the near impossibility of unseating a D.C. politician.


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