Sunday, February 19, 2017

American Citizens Have Been Disenfranchised of Their Birthright

Millions of Americans instinctively realize something is wrong with Washington D.C. and the federal government in general.  We have judges deciding political issues that are way beyond “judicial review” such as gay marriage, immigration and national security.  We have bureaucrats imposing rules and regulations that have the weight of law while Congress sits on the sidelines claiming oversight.

Where are the checks and balances?  Are there no limitations on what these unelected judges can do?  Why do we need Congress if bureaucrats are running the show?  And where in the Constitution does it state that the legislative branch can abrogate their prerogatives to unelected bureaucrats?

I just finished reading Stolen Sovereignty by Daniel Horowitz and it is an eye opener.  I’ve written about the abuses by the federal courts and bureaucracies in this blog.  I’ve also written about Congress's dereliction of duty.  But I didn’t know the extent of their betrayal.  This federal government has systematically disenfranchised the American people of its birthright and they’ve done it by conferring power upon the unelected branches of government.

What I didn’t realize is that Congress has plenary powers over the federal judiciary.  They can decide the extent of its appellate jurisdiction as dictated in Article III Section 2.  They can tell the courts they no longer decide issues pertaining to immigration and naturalization, gay marriage, or even abortion for that matter.  The courts can only decide cases where they have original jurisdiction as defined in Article III.

This book also details how illegal immigration has disenfranchised American citizens of their birthright and the damage they’ve done to our electoral process.  You’ll be extremely pissed when you discover the lie that illegal aliens have due process rights and that the courts ignored 90 years of precedent.

What I got out of this book is the extent Congress has abrogated their constitutional responsibilities.  But that shouldn’t be a surprise when we have representatives like Nancy Pelosi.  I’ll never forget when she declared she’s not a constitutional scholar when pressed upon an issue.  Well, if you’re not well versed upon the Constitution, then what in the hell are you doing in Washington D.C.?



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