Monday, February 6, 2017

P.L.O. Panicked Over President Trump's Mideast Policies

Finally, someone gets it.  President Donald Trump has implicitly determined peace between Israel and the Palestinians are impossible when the latter refuses to accept the existence of the former. 

Let’s stop pretending the PLO is an honest broker and accept them for the homicidal maniacs they are.  This murderous regime must be ostracized and that’s exactly what the Trump administration is doing.  Here is an excerpt from an article by Caroline Glick:

The PLO is disoriented, panicked and hysterical. Speaking to Newsweek this week, Saeb Erekat, PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas’s chief conduit to Israel and the Americans, complained that since President Donald Trump was sworn into office, no administration official had spoken to them.

“I don’t know any of them [Trump’s advisers]. We have sent them letters, written messages. They don’t even bother to respond to us.”

The Trump administration’s shunning of the PLO is a marked departure from the policies of its predecessor. For former president Barack Obama, together with Iran, the Palestinians were viewed as the key players in the Middle East. Abbas was the first foreign leader Obama called after taking office.

Erekat’s statement reveals something that is generally obscured. Despite its deep support in Europe, the UN and the international Left, without US support, the PLO is irrelevant.

All the achievements the P.L.O racked up under Obama – topped off with the former president’s facilitation of UN Security Council Resolution 2334 against Israel – are suddenly irrelevant. Their impact dissipated the minute Trump took office.

Israel, in contrast, is more relevant than ever.

What a difference an administration makes.


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