Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Gov. "Snowflake" Roy Cooper Defies Confirmation Hearings

Democrats just love thumbing their noses at our laws.  They spit on them and then dare us to do something about it.  Barack Obama’s presidency was a parade of lawlessness.  North Carolina is enduring the same kind of attitude from Governor “Snowflake” Roy Cooper.

North Carolina passed a law that requires confirmation hearings on all cabinet nominees.  But our little snowflake governor believes his administration is special and refuses to participate in these plebeian proceedings.

 — Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Wesley Meredith threatened "consequences" after Military and Veterans Affairs Secretary Larry Hall's chair sat empty for a second cabinet confirmation hearing on Wednesday.

"By disrespecting this process, Secretary Hall is defying the law," Meredith, R-Cumberland, said in the latest public tableau to play out in the months-long power struggle between Republican lawmakers and Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper.

Meredith said that Hall, and by extension Cooper, would have one more chance Thursday to comply with a newly implemented confirmation process.

"There are consequences when state officials refuse to follow the law," he said before quickly gaveling the committee meeting to a close

So far, eight appointees have taken their post without hearings and are receiving salaries from the public treasury.  Republicans dominate the General Assembly, it’s about time they exercised their power by denying these rogue administrators a paycheck and if Cooper continues to thumb his nose at our laws, he must face the prospect of being impeached.


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