Thursday, February 2, 2017

Federal Bureaucrats Plot Against Trump Administration

Federal Government employees are plotting against our duly elected president and his administration.  Bureaucrats at the EPA, State Department and other agencies have stated off the record they are willing to violate FOIA laws by creating emails and employing encryption codes as a means to undermine President Trump and his policies.  Here is an excerpt from Politico:

Federal employees worried that President Donald Trump will gut their agencies are creating new email addresses, signing up for encrypted messaging apps and looking for other, protected ways to push back against the new administration’s agenda.

Whether inside the Environmental Protection Agency, within the Foreign Service, on the edges of the Labor Department or beyond, employees are using new technology as well as more old-fashioned approaches — such as private face-to-face meetings — to organize letters, talk strategy, or contact media outlets and other groups to express their dissent.

The goal is to get their message across while not violating any rules covering workplace communications, which can be monitored by the government and could potentially get them fired.

Civil Service employees are supposed to be apolitical.  However, 95 percent of their campaign contributions went to Hillary Clinton.  The rats have taken over the ship.  It’s time for a major fumigation.


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