Monday, February 6, 2017

Obamacare and the Fellowship of the Tea Party

I feel as though we’re living in some sort of Lord of the Rings quest.  Six years ago, Democrats inflamed the eye of Mordor by passing Obamacare and unleashing an army of bureaucrats raping and pillaging our wallets and healthcare.  The citizenry cowered as plans were destroyed, deductibles raised and doctors torn away from their patients.

A fellowship of Tea Partiers decided to confront this menace.  They gathered in town halls and in the streets and eventually marched upon the wasteland that birthed this abomination.  

These patriots vowed to get rid of this pestilence.  First, we fumigated the House, then the Senate and now we have control of the White House.  We are at the precipice and about to throw Obamacare into the flames only to watch our elected representatives hesitate.  Here is an excerpt from the Daily Signal:

Rachel Bovard, a former Senate aide who is director of policy services at The Heritage Foundation, said Congress could have presented a repeal bill to Trump on Jan. 20,  the day he took the oath of office.
“Congress has been a disappointment so far, considering the fact that there is unified control of the government,” Bovard told The Daily Signal. “Congress could have had an Obamacare repeal bill on Trump’s desk at 12:01 p.m. on Inauguration Day, especially if they’d used the 2015 repeal bill that passed both Houses.”
“There is no excuse for the lack of action,” she added. “And, indeed, by delaying it, they’ve allowed the debate to get muddled, slowed the momentum considerably, and in doing so made the task that much harder.”
 With midterm elections coming Nov. 6, 2018, some conservatives argue that Republicans have no place to hide.
 “The Washington, D.C. Republicans are out of excuses,” Drew Ryun, national director of the Madison Project, a conservative political action committee, said in an email to The Daily Signal.  Ryun added:
There are no more electoral goal posts to move. They have the House, the Senate, and with Trump in the White House. For years they have campaigned on the promises of repealing Obamacare and defunding Planned Parenthood.
Unfortunately for them, their inaction is proving two things: They may really be a party without ideas as well as one that pays lip service to its base with no intent of action. This is a dangerous position for them to be in, with midterms just around the corner.

What are you waiting for!  Throw the damn thing into the fire!  This is why you’re here!


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