Sunday, February 5, 2017

Media Hysteria Over Trump's First Week

Sometimes I feel like my head is about to explode when I read some of the inanities that pervade the mainstream media.  An op-ed published in Bloomberg News laments President Trump’s “scandals” and implores Republican leadership to rein in our wayward president by demanding he handover his tax returns, or threaten to stop cabinet confirmation hearings.  Here is an excerpt from Jonathan Bernstein’s article:

Republicans have plenty of leverage here. If necessary, U.S. senators could threaten to stop confirming Trump's cabinet; Republican members of both houses of Congress could threaten to hold hearings on any number of Trump scandals. They could even threaten to force him to turn over his tax returns. 
And all they would be asking for -- should be asking for -- is for Trump to allow a real manager who knows how the government works to step in and help him, and to get rid of some of the people who are harming his presidency. 

What do President Trump’s tax returns have to do with his supposed “scandals”?  And wouldn’t it be conducive if our president had his cabinet in place before he took the oath of office?  Barack Obama was afforded that luxury.  But according to this genius, Republican leadership should deny Trump the very advisors he claims he should have.  What a moron!

And then we have this glistening gem from Ann McFeatters:

Transparency and lack of corruption. That used to hallmark our government. Not on our watch did we tolerate dictators getting richer at taxpayer expense.

Now we have a president who won’t show us his tax returns, refuses to divest himself of his businesses and insists he avoids conflicts of interest by turning his money-making operations over to his sons

Really?  Was this woman asleep these past eight years?  Barack Obama gave $150 billion to Iran, the biggest sponsor of terror in the world.  This same president embraced the Castro brothers by lifting an embargo that had been in place for half a century.  And she dares to make that comment?  It gets better.  Here is another excerpt:

We’ve been known for keeping our word. You can trust those Americans when they make a promise, the world said. Now? Not so much.

Iraqis who risked their lives and their families to help American soldiers by translating and working for them during a decade of war feel they were lied to because they are not being resettled here even though they may face death at home.

We promised to keep countries safe from invading Russian tanks. We promised to back NATO. Nobody knows what we will do now.

Is this woman aware of the promises President Clinton made to the Ukraine?  He promised the Ukrainian people security from a Russia invasion if they gave up their nuclear arsenal.  Vladimir Putin sniffed weakness then invaded eastern Ukraine and the Crimean Peninsula.  Where was Barack Hussein Obama?  Where was NATO?  What happened to those promises of protection?  America’s word was tarnished long before Donald Trump took the oath of office.

This is what we get when the village idiots have a megaphone.


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