Saturday, February 11, 2017

Walmart Freak in Aisle 5

I usually go to Walmart early Sunday mornings so as to avoid the crowds and the weirdoes this chain store attracts.  Well, that didn’t happen on this particular day.

As I was pushing my cart something caught my eye.  A guy wearing a green wig, fishnet stockings and a miniskirt flamboyantly paraded around the checkout aisles.  So I rolled my eyes and went on my way hoping this would be the last I’d see of this mentally ill exhibitionist.  I was wrong.

I happened to be in the canned food section when Queen Freak pranced up to me pretending to shop.  He was obviously trying to get a reaction from me.  But I wouldn’t oblige.

The above picture isn’t mine, but it sure as hell portrays what I was thinking when this shameless freak paraded his mental illness for all to see.

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