Saturday, February 11, 2017

Mexican Officials Foment Sedition in the United States

 I am tired of hearing this nonsense that Mexico is an honest trading partner and ally.  This third world hellhole has directed its citizens to invade our country, flood the job market, saturate the welfare rolls and send money back to their native country.  This isn’t an ally.  These people are parasites.

Americans are fed up with this invasion and want action.  President Donald Trump was given a mandate to deal these people and finally we’re getting some action.  Mexico has been put on notice and they in turn are fighting back.  Here is an excerpt from the Wall Street Journal:

The proposal calls for ad campaigns advising migrants in the U.S. to take their cases to court and fight deportation if detained. “The backlog in the immigration system is tremendous,” said former Foreign Minister Jorge Castañeda. The idea is to double or triple the backlog, “until [U.S. President Donald] Trump desists in this stupid idea,” he added.
 Mr. Castañeda is part of a group of Mexican officials, legislators, governors and public figures planning to meet with migrant groups Saturday in Phoenix to lay out plans to confront the Trump administration’s deportation policy.
 Mexico’s government hasn’t endorsed the strategy or the group’s Phoenix mission. But it recently allocated some $50 million to assist undocumented migrants facing deportation, and President Enrique Peña Nieto has instructed the country’s 50 consulates in the U.S. to defend migrants.

So there you have it.  These scoundrels are going to us our own courts against us.

These Mexican officials are fomenting sedition of the United States.  They should be denied entry and any Mexican consulate that aids and abets this seditious act should be shutdown and their officials thrown out of the country.


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