Saturday, February 11, 2017

N.C. Liberals Cry About Fiscal Responsibility

When I think of spoiled brats, I think of liberals.  These people are fiscally irresponsible and completely devoid of common sense.  If you need an example, all you have to do is look to states like California where it’s a free-for-all.

North Carolina has its share of morons, too.  Local newspapers are infested with pie-in-the-sky editorial boards that can’t spend taxpayer monies fast enough.  These yahoos would spend us into fiscal insolvency in a heartbeat given the chance.

The News and Observer is just such a rag.  Here they are complaining about North Carolina’s rainy day fund:

This is ridiculous, and little more than a gimmick for some lawmakers to run on, demonstrating presumably their great responsibility in handling public money.

What are they? Fifteen-year-old kids with summer jobs whose parents require them to put aside a set amount from their paychecks so they don’t spend it all? Good grief. Legislators ought to be able to handle the budget in a responsible way, and the idea that they have to build up a huge rainy day fund — it’s roughly $1.5 billion — to deal with a crisis is wrong. If a crisis comes, the General Assembly can convene and appropriate the needed money. Period.

Isn’t that precious?  They are calling fiscally responsible lawmakers, children!  Did you notice they treat taxpayers as ATM machines? 

Take a look at the graph below.  This is what it was like when Democrats had control of the purse strings in North Carolina.  God forbid these people take over the General Assembly.


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