Thursday, February 9, 2017

Professional Progressives Demonstrate Elections Don't Matter

Americans are finding out who runs this country and it isn’t our elected representatives.  For over a hundred years, professional progressives have plotted to usurp the Constitution of the United States.  They’ve created bureaucracies that circumvent Congress and are now in open defiance of our president.  They’ve implanted judges who decree policies and rewrite laws that are clearly unconstitutional.  And now a lowly district court judge has assumed the mantle of commander in chief.

What’s next?  Will district court judges demand national security briefings?  Is our commander in chief supposed to consult with the 9th Circuit Court before addressing imminent dangers?  Let’s disabuse ourselves of this check and balance nonsense.  No one checks and balances these rogue federal judges whose sole allegiance is to a progressive ideology.

Professional progressives declare this is resistance to a Trump agenda.  What they are really demonstrating is elections don’t matter as long as they have control of the bureaucracies and the federal judiciary.  

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