Saturday, February 11, 2017

Gov. "Snowflake" Cooper Decries Cabinet Vetting as 'Tyranny'

North Carolina has a special snowflake and his name is Roy Cooper.  Governor Cooper believes he shouldn’t have to abide by the laws set forth in our state.  He wants to usher in his cabinet without having to endure Senate hearings that would properly vet his choices; it’s called advise and consent.  Maybe libtards have heard of this procedure. 

Presidents of the United States have to go through this process all the time, but not if you’re Governor “Snowflake” Cooper.  He called this vetting system “tyranny.”

The defendants’ team called the confirmation process a positive thing for North Carolina, as that relates to open government and a strong system of checks and balances. It’s good, sound public policy and is probably overdue, they said.

To a judge’s question, Cooper’s team responded that the separation-of-powers clause is a protection for the people against tyranny.

In a news release, Berger’s office shot back.

“We agree with the chief judge who said questions about these nominees’ qualifications, potential conflicts of interest, and willingness to follow the law are ‘relevant and germane.’ But for the governor’s lawyer to compare a simple confirmation process to ensure transparency and accountability to our taxpayers to ‘tyranny’ makes absolutely no sense. Does Gov. Cooper think Sen. Elizabeth Warren is a ‘tyrant’ for commanding answers from President Trump’s cabinet nominees? Does Gov. Cooper think President Trump’s cabinet should have been seated without Senate confirmation?”

Governor “Snowflake” will govern just like all other progressives: He’ll use executive orders, the bureaucracy and the courts to advance his liberal agenda.  That’s why he doesn’t want our Senate to vet his cabinet.


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