Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Illegal Aliens to be Deported Without Court Hearing

Wow!  This is a welcomed change in policy.  Illegal aliens are going to be deported without a court hearing.  The Daily Caller reported the following:

With immigration courts reaching a record backlog in 2016, Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly ordered Monday that illegal immigrants who have been in the U.S. for less than two years should be allowed to be deported without a court hearing.

Kelly signed two memos Monday that made significant changes to the nation’s immigration policy. They ordered the immediate construction of a border wall, expanded the amount of local police who will enforce immigration law, and put every illegal immigrant — excluding those protected under President Obama’s executive amnesty — at risk of deportation.

These people are here illegally, therefore, they do not have a right to due process for the simple fact that the United States doesn’t recognize their existence in this country.  And if the Supreme Court sticks its nose in this matter, the Trump administration needs to harshly remind these black robed oligarchs that Article III Section 2 dictates they have no jurisdiction in this matter.


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