Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Illegal Aliens Demand Free Legal Services and ICE out of Charlotte

Illegal aliens are out of the shadows and in our face with rage and disdain.  Yesterday, about 200 third-worlders stormed a Charlotte city council meeting demanding they kick ICE out of THEIR town and that citizens should pay for their legal services.  One protester compared their plight to the Holocaust.  Here is an excerpt from the Charlotte Observer:

The rage was similar to what was seen after the September shooting of Keith Scott. Council members left the dais in an attempt to quiet the crowd. They returned a few minutes later and continued the regular portion of their meeting, shouting at each other to be heard as they took votes on items such as a transportation plan.

Council members decided to allow more people to speak, but they had adjourned the meeting. So officials moved into the lobby of the Government Center, where they met in small groups with immigrants and activists.

“My family is undocumented, and I was undocumented for a while,” said Daisy Bejarano, who came to the U.S. from Colombia. “(As a student teacher) I work with students who feel like they could come home and lose their parents.”

Earlier Monday, the group marched behind a white banner: “ICE Out of Charlotte / Mayor Roberts Step Up.” Marchers stayed on the sidewalk beside Third Street and appeared to move without incident as they chanted “No more ICE!”

Why not chant, “No more laws!” or “Third-World!  Third-World!”?


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