Wednesday, February 22, 2017

California Bans Students from Traveling to Christian States

Nothing makes me cringe more than seeing a California license plate in the great state of North Carolina.  The very thought of an immigrant from the land of fruits and nuts is appalling to me.  Sure, there are some fugitive conservatives in that hellhole, but let’s face it, the majority are whack jobs.

So when I read California passed a law that forbade its public university students from traveling to our fair and righteous state, I thanked God for his divine intervention.  Here is an excerpt from the Daily Caller:

More than 100 Californians were chosen to be a part of the Council on Undergraduate Research Conference at the University of Memphis in April, but those who attend public universities will not receive funding to go.

UC Davis students who were supposed to attend the conference responded to the new law.

“I don’t want any funding on my behalf from the state, my parents or grandparents to go to a state like Tennessee that discriminates against LGBT people,” senior Acacia Keith told the Los Angeles Times.

Senior Mark Rivera offered a different take on the situation.

“Instead of discouraging travel to supposedly backward places, we should encourage travel; otherwise, campuses will become more insular and make the problem worse,” Rivera told the Los Angeles Times.

There are exceptions to the law however, which allow travel to these states if it was contracted before Jan. 1.

UCLA’s football team is scheduled to play Memphis in September and Cal State Long Beach baseball will play North Carolina in March. After these visits, the universities will no longer be able to play games in these states.

Please, don’t make an exception for us.  We don’t need proselytizers for your hedonistic lifestyle.   However, I do wonder if California allows missionaries and mental health experts inside their great wasteland.  The great heathen state could use some righteous guidance before God renders a Sodom and Gomorrah judgment.


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