Monday, January 16, 2017

California Hires AG Eric Holder to Defend Sanctuary Cities

You have to hand it to these political grafters.  They’re well connected and know how to fleece the taxpayers.  Disgraced AG, Eric Holder, has landed a lucrative gig with California’s state government hauling in a hefty $25,000 a month litigating on behalf of illegal aliens against American citizens.

California is projected to have a $1.6 billion budget deficit by next summer; yet, they can afford to squander money defending invaders.  Adding insult to injury, one-third of California’s state budget if funded by the American taxpayers!  Now that takes balls.

One must ask, why do Democrats defend sanctuary cities?  The answer is simple.  The Census Bureau doesn’t distinguish citizens from illegal aliens, therefore states with higher populations are able to appropriate more representation in Congress and receive a higher allocation of taxpayer dollars.  And because of this bastardization of the census, California has 55 Electoral College votes which far exceed the second highest which is Texas with 38 electors.

What it comes down to is money and power and citizens are damned.


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