Saturday, January 7, 2017

Governor Roy Cooper's "The Ends Justify the Means" Agenda

Republicans who abstained from voting for Governor Pat McCrory will rue the day Roy Cooper takes office.  Cooper is a proven radical who picks and chooses laws he will uphold and defend.  This man’s arrogance cost North Carolinians millions of dollars because the state had to hire outside counsel to ensure the rule of law was followed.  This man betrayed our interest to satisfy out of state radicals who were funding his campaign coffers.

One of those radical groups is the environmental lobby.  Cooper provided his quid pro quo to the watermelon people by naming Michael Regan as Secretary of the Department of Environmental Quality.  Here is an excerpt from the Civitas Institute: 

Until recently, Regan was a Senior Official of the radical Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). He served with the EDF since 2008 and his most recent position was as Associate Vice President, U.S. Climate and Energy & Southeast Regional Director.
EDF is a mega non-profit with reported assets over $204 million in 2015 with an agenda that rivals the most radical of environmental groups. Fully supporting President Obama’s climate agenda that included his War on Coal (an effort to shut down all coal-fired power plants) EDF ran political ads against Republican senators in 2013.
More important is the role Regan and the EDF had with Blueprint NC, the liberal umbrella organization that is known for producing and releasing a 2013 strategy memo that described a game plan for progressive groups to use to attack (by “crippling”) the newly elected Republican governor and leaders in the Republican-majority House and Senate.  The memo directed its members to “eviscerate, mitigate, litigate, cogitate and agitate” the state’s Republican leadership.
 And as for the all those “conservatives” whose main reason for opposing a McCrory second term over this I-77 toll road project, here is mud in your eye.  Cooper appointed Jim Trogden as Transportation Secretary.  He is a huge proponent of public/private sector projects. 
 WSOC TV reports that after Trogdon left NC DOT in 2013 he went to work for Atkins. WSOC TV reports:“Atkins is an engineering firm that works with P3 projects– public and private partnerships to build things like toll lanes.”
WSOC also reported that while serving with Atkins, Trogdon penned an article called “To Toll or Not To Toll.”
“Tolling appears superior to all other options,” Trogdon argues. “Degraded trip reliability, congestion and lost productivity appear more costly than tolls. In short, tolling proved beneficial to those who value their time.”
In light of the Trogdon appointment, Cooper has said that his opinion of the I-77 toll road hasn’t changed. Many political observers attribute Cooper’s victory to the damage done to McCrory in the I-77 toll road corridor. McCrory finished over 30k votes behind other GOP candidates in the precincts most impacted.
Governor Roy Cooper is “an ends justifies the means” type of guy.  When the General Assembly passed a provision requiring cabinet level appointments must have advice and consent from the Senate, Mr. Pen and Phone went to the courts and sued our elected representatives.  Doesn’t that remind you of someone else?  It reminds me of a certain someone who is about to leave office on January 20th.

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