Friday, January 27, 2017

Canada Refuses to Accept Teat Squawking, Trump Haters

Remember all the libtards who threatened to emigrate to Canada if Trump won the presidency?  Well, they’re still here and there’s a reason for it.  Canada won’t take them.  Supplicants will be considered if they are a skilled worker or will start a business that creates jobs and contribute to the economy.  These liberal teat squawkers are just the opposite.  Here is an excerpt from the Daily Caller:

As one hysterical liberal lamented on Facebook, “What are the actual implications of these Executive Douche Orders? Should I just pack my bags and move to Canada?” After researching the Canadian immigration system, the individual posted that he had determined that “ironically,” as an artist who could not afford to buy property and only rented a loft in Brooklyn, Canada had no desire in taking him in.

And what about those high profile scumbags who promised to leave?

Immigration rules for Australia and similar nations are comparable, with strict rules focused on accepting people that are a net value-added to their economy. (RELATED: Barbra Streisand Says She Plans To Move To Australia If Trump Wins)

Canada’s rules could be one reason Al Sharpton — who has failed to pay debts, including taxes — reneged on a promise to move there following Trump’s win. Lena Dunham also backtracked on her pledge to relocate, in spite of her assets.

Loud mouths and tax evaders contribute nothing to an economy.  It’s ironic that our neighbors have tougher immigration standards than the U.S. government.  But then again, Washington D.C. is infested with loud mouths and tax evaders.


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