Sunday, January 22, 2017

Liberal Shoots "White Supremacist" at a Gay Conservative Event

It’s time to face the facts, the two groups who commit violence, mayhem; murder and destruction of property are liberals and Muslims.  Both groups subscribe to a totalitarian ideology and have no regard for others who disagree with them.

Let’s put aside the wanton destruction of property at President Donald Trump’s inaugural and take a look at the latest outrage.  A libtard attended an event which featured gay conservative, Milo Yiannopoulos at Washington State University and shot who he thought was a “white supremacist.”  That’s outrageous enough, but it gets better.  The police let him go.  Here is an excerpt from the Daily Caller:

The shooter turned himself in Friday night after police put out a lookout, but he was released without charges “after telling investigators he fired in self-defense during a campus protest,” the Seattle Times reported. The lookout described the suspect as an Asian man in his fifties.

“One of the law-enforcement officials said the man who fired the gun claimed he had been assaulted before shooting the other man, whom he believed to be some type of white supremacist,” the report said.

The shooter was then “released pending investigation,” it said. Police did not name the shooter.

They said the 32-year-old victim had a “life-threatening gunshot wound to the abdomen.”

Come to find out, the victim is another libtard.  This is a case of mistaken identity.  These people are absolutely insane.


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