Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Federal Government Workers Should Fear Holman Rule

Federal government employees should be quaking in their boots.  Republicans have a mandate to cut the size of government.  The only problem is do they have the guts to follow through.  A post-Civil War rule was adopted in 1876 designed specifically to address the national debt, bloated bureaucracies and worthless workers.  Here is an excerpt from Patheos.com:

The Holman Rule, adopted in 1876 as a means to control the booming national debt post-war, gives lawmakers the power to target wasteful programs, spending, and has also been used to eliminate individual federal employees or groups of employees.\

“Depending on how lawmakers use the rule,” Reuters noted, “they could undermine long-standing civil service protections, such as ensuring that federal employees with the same job title are paid equally regardless of performance.” A worrisome idea to Democrats who fear the rule might be used for nefarious political purposes.

But conservatives and other small-government minded people and organizations love the idea. Freedom Works director Jason Pye said, “There are too many people working in the federal government, too many federal agencies; there’s an alphabet soup. What we’re simply saying is the federal government has grown too big.”

I don’t have much faith in the Republican Party.  These people are spineless scumbags.  However, Donald Trump has proven he’s no wilting flower.


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