Saturday, January 7, 2017

Global Warming Disrupts Gov. Snowflake's Inaugural Ceremonies

Global warming has inflicted another casualty on the world of libtards.  Governor Roy Cooper’s flurries of inaugural ceremonies are being disrupted by Mother Nature who surely must be considered a bitch after she disrupted this snowflake’s triumphal moment.

The parade of horribles has been canceled due to a snow storm.  However, the inaugural ball will continue as scheduled.
“Rain, sleet, snow we’re still having the ball,” said Samantha Hatem.
Hatem is one of four chair members of the Governor’s Inaugural Ball.
Hatem says as construction crews are prepping the stage for the event this weekend inside Reynolds Coliseum, she is finalizing weather contingency plans and getting the word out to everyone that despite snow, the ball will go on.
Other events have been affected. The Inaugural Parade has been cancelled, and several other events have been forced to go indoors.

Tickets are still available for all the teat squawkers who wish to attend.  I’m sure the editorial board of every Observer that infest the state of North Carolina will be in attendance.

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