Saturday, January 7, 2017

Liberal Dystopia is the New Utopian Society

I’m convinced liberals live in an alternative universe.  Take a look at the above cartoon.  This stupidity was published in the Charlotte Observer.  The moron who drew this crap believes North Carolina is a vast wasteland because Republicans refused to expand the welfare state and passed HB2.
 I have a question.  How is it that men and women were capable of using separate bathrooms for hundreds, if not thousands of years, without bringing about the apocalypse?  All of a sudden we’re living in a dystopian society because a cross dresser with a penis is forced to use the boys’ bathroom.  This used to be common sense.  Not anymore.
 I remember a time when people were encouraged to get off of welfare and become productive citizens.   We used to believe a working man contributed to society and propelled a healthy economy.  Now we’re told extended unemployment benefits, welfare and Medicaid expansion is the utopia we’ve all been waiting for.  This whole working thing is for suckers.
 I’ve got news for the libtards at the Charlotte Observer.  That cartoon better represents the disaster Republicans inherited from a Democratic Party rule that lasted well over a hundred years.  We were heavily in debt to the federal government.  Our state’s finances were a basket case.  We were the highest taxed in the Southeast with hostile regulations that discouraged business investments. 
 Forbes published an article outlining 5 top reasons North Carolinians should have reelected Governor Pat McCrory.  All had to do with our state’s finances.  And what were our local rags concerned about?  Mentally ill transvestites who want to use the little girls’ bathroom.  Whose dystopia are we living in now?

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