Saturday, January 21, 2017

Nasty Women's March in Need of a Giant Douche

A patchwork quilt of leftist grievance groups marched in Washington D.C. the day after President Trump’s inauguration, for what?  What is their problem?  This man is barely in office and these snowflakes are crying over the prospect of what?

Ostensibly, we’re to believe women’s “reproductive rights” are under attack which is complete nonsense.  What they are really bitching about is the possibility of paying for their own birth control and abortions.   Degenerate behavior is okay as long as someone else pays for it.  Can anyone say Planned Parenthood?

This march is (to coin a phrase from Sean Hannity) a snowflake super storm.  A number of organizations applied for permits to protest the day after Trump’s inauguration.  Teat squawkers from all over the country and parts of the world descended upon Washington D.C. to lament the possibility of losing their manufactured rights. 

We’re supposed to believe these manufactured rights are implied in our Constitution such as infanticide; the right to marry anyone and anything; the right not to be offended; the right to force Christians to violate their conscience; the right of foreign nationals to invade our country and of course the right of approved minority groups to rape, pillage and murder as long as they don’t violate the sensibilities of other grievance groups.

This ‘Nasty Women’s’ march is in need of a giant douche and lessons in the United States Constitution.


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