Saturday, January 21, 2017

President Trump Embraces God at Inauguration

Progressives and their godless agents are in panic mode after President Donald Trump’s inauguration.  Our new commander-in-chief practically declared war on centralized government and all the corruptocrats that infest it.  He also publicly embraced God and Christianity on the Capitol steps.

Progressive organizations, like the Freedom from Religion Foundation, have a mission to remove Christian prayer from city halls and the public square.  These heathens have successfully used the courts to fundamentally transform the First Amendment into an anti-Christian battering ram.  Their interpretation is historically incorrect and an affront to the ideals that forged this great country.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation can sue small town America because they’re easy pickings and can’t afford long drawn out court battles.  Let’s see if they have the balls to take on the Trump administration.


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