Thursday, January 26, 2017

State Department Rats Flee a Trump Presidency

President Donald Trump has been in office just a few days and the swamp is starting to drain.  The rats at the State Department who were involved in notorious and disastrous decisions committed by the Obama administration have retired or resigned.  One of the creatures who worked there remarked this is unprecedented.

“It’s the single biggest simultaneous departure of institutional memory that anyone can remember, and that’s incredibly difficult to replicate,” said David Wade, who served as State Department chief of staff under Secretary of State John Kerry. “Department expertise in security, management, administrative and consular positions in particular are very difficult to replicate and particularly difficult to find in the private sector.”

Good riddance you traitorous bastards!  President Donald Trump is accomplishing what I thought was impossible.  The bureaucracies need cleaned out and this is a promising start.


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