Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Rape Proof Underwear Becomes a Necessity in Germany

Necessity is the mother of invention and rape proof underwear is necessary in Germany.  Everyone in Europe can thank Chancellor Angela Merkel for bringing back the chastity belt.  It was she who welcomed hundreds of thousands of barbarians into the homeland.   This Muslim scum believe they’re entitled to rape young boys and girsl.  Here is an excerpt from the Daily Mail: 

A German inventor has created rape-proof knickers in the wake of a spate of sex attacks.

The underwear comes equipped with a combination lock and a loud alarm which goes off if they are tampered with.
German media has reported the pants are so popular some online shops have sold out.

 Because of the lock, the pants cannot be pulled off and they are made with a material which is almost impossible to cut through or tear.

The 130-decibel alarm is automatically activated if the garment is cut off.
The advertisement for the pants reads: 'Scarcely a day passes without headlines of sexual assaults. 

'Only recently, a father in Kleve could barely prevent an attempted rape of his daughter. Brand new on the market of deterrence: underpants with a number lock.

I do believe Germany needs a new chancellor.


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