Sunday, January 29, 2017

California's Progressivism Responsible for "Donor" State Status

A gaggle of Californians are gathering signatures to secede from the United States.  This one party state is upset the citizens of this country voted for Donald Trump as their president and a Congress dominated by republicans.  These malcontents emphasize California’s culture, world view, and ideology is different from the rest of the country.  These people don’t want to be Americans; they want to be progressives.

President Trump’s sanctuary city policy is a major cause of consternation.  State and local politicians are confronted with a possibility that federal funds will be withheld because they’re aiding and abetting illegal aliens.  Furthermore, they’re looking for ways to stop tax dollars flowing from Sacramento to Washington D.C.

Californians believe they’re a “donor” state when it comes to federal tax dollars.  That is they pay more money to the federal government than they receive.  What they fail to understand is both federal and state government policies, along with the progressive tax code, are responsible for this disparity.

California’s policies of ridiculous mandates, regulations and high taxation are the causation of an astronomical cost of living and higher salaries.  Nobody on a Mississippi wage could afford to live there.  So when these people complain that red states get more money from the federal government than what they pay in, maybe they should reflect upon their progressive utopia and the tax system they advocate.


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