Sunday, January 22, 2017

Planned Parenthood at the Eye of Snowflake Super Storm 2017

Snowflake Super Storm 2017 flooded our nation’s capitol and major cities with interest groups imbued with an entitlement mentally.  These people believe everything is a right and that includes having access to their neighbor’s bank account.  It’s hard to believe our country has degenerated into a nation of teat squawkers, but yesterday’s turnout suggests we have made a turn for the worse.   

Planned Parenthood is at the eye of this storm.  Everything about this organization is a lie.  We’re told they’re more than an abortion factory.  They proclaim the majority of their business is centered around mammograms and prenatal care and if the federal government defunded their organization, women would have no place to go for healthcare.  Lies, all lies.  Here is an excerpt from National Review:

An accurate assessment of the group’s abortion numbers reveals that one in eight women who visits a Planned Parenthood clinic obtains an abortion. To obscure that fact, Planned Parenthood consistently overstates its other, supposedly crucial services, falsely claiming to provide mammograms and exaggerating its commitment to prenatal care. In fact, the group provides less than 1 percent of the nation’s pap tests and less than 2 percent of its breast exams and cancer screenings, while at the same time providing over 30 percent of its abortions.

 Although thousands of federally qualified health-care centers (FQHCs) across the country are able to provide women with numerous necessary services — many of them more essential than those offered by Planned Parenthood — Richards maintained that FQHCs can’t handle the volume of patients currently served by Planned Parenthood and that women therefore will still lose health-care access if the organization is defunded. This is difficult to believe, given the 13,540 FQHCs and rural health-care clinics across the country, whereas Planned Parenthood operates a mere 665 facilities. (See this excellent map to understand how drastically community clinics outnumber Planned Parenthoods, by a ratio of 20 to one.)

Planned Parenthood believes they’re entitled to taxpayer monies and so does the Democratic Party.  After all, this nonprofit is just another front group laundering money for the DNC. 


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