Sunday, January 1, 2017

Electoral College Votes Were Meant to be Proportional

Once again, our founding fathers have proven their genius when they created the Electoral College.  This constitutional measure has saved liberty loving Americans from thumb sucking, teat squawkers who voted for a corrupt and traitorous family.  The Clintons sold us out to the Chinese during Bill’s administration; they were planning to betray us on a much larger scale during Hillary’s.  Their so-called “charitable foundation” revealed a villainous intent.

So now we have to endure Progressive temper tantrums.  These cry babies are fretting over Donald Trump as though he were a monarch.  What does this say about today’s Americans?  Should we consider these people Americans?  Our constitution was designed to limit the powers of the federal government.  However, Progressives have bastardized our system of governance.  They created a monster and are worried it will turn on them.  How else to explain this hysteria? 

This election reaffirmed what most of us already knew:  Urban areas are dominated by immoral degenerates who primarily vote for Democrats, whereas rural areas are inhabited by liberty loving Americans.  Take a look at this electoral map.  This sums up today’s America.

Notice these progressive enclaves in a sea of red.  The bulk of Hillary Clinton’s votes came from California, New York City and a handful of metropolitan areas sprinkled throughout the union.

I remember a conversation I had with a couple of millennials before the Republican primary.  Both supported Trump; however, they believed the Electoral College was an antiquated system and that the popular vote should prevail.  I informed them of the consequences which just so happened to play out during this election cycle.  I wonder what they think about the popular vote now.

I personally don’t believe in a winner-takes-all Electoral College system.  Big cities corrupt those results just as they would in a national popular vote.  We must remind ourselves that we have a republican form of government and not a democracy.  I believe a proportional system explains the reason why a state’s electors equal its Congressional delegation.  Indeed, one only has to refer to the 1800 election to demonstrate that Electoral College votes were meant to be proportional.  Here is a graph:

 Notice that North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Maryland split their Electoral College votes.  However, this graph doesn’t show a Rhode Island elector voted for John Jay.

So why and when did states like North Carolina accede to a winner-takes-all system?  We can look to the lamentations of an early 1800’s state politician, Archibald DeBow Murphey.  He bemoaned North Carolina’s lack of “weight” in presidential elections.  He believed smaller states had more influence because they didn’t divide their electoral votes.  I might add this noteworthy statesman had an inferiority complex when it came to his state’s participation in executive appointments along with apportionment of federal funds.  Basically, he and his fellow travelers sold their souls to gain more influence in Washington D.C.

 I for one am thankful for the Electoral College.  This system has saved our republic from a soulless, alien rabble that doesn’t know what it means to be an American.  We should adopt a proportional system to ensure these sanctuary cities have as little influence as possible in the general government.  God knows we don’t need more presidents who rule by pen and phone. 


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