Monday, January 2, 2017

Congress to Dismantle Obama's Tower of Executive Orders and Bureaucratic Mandates

As Barack Obama tries to burnish his legacy with all sorts of specious assertions and declarations, Congress will convene on Tuesday and hopefully begin the monumental task of dismantling President Pen and Phone’s unconstitutional tower of executive orders and bureaucratic mandates.

The first order of business is getting rid of Obamacare.  Here is an excerpt from the Associated Press:


The Senate plans to begin repealing Obama's health care law on Tuesday, Congress' very first day, with consideration of a procedural measure that will shield the initiative from Democratic filibusters.

Lawmakers will then spend the next few months working on legislation canceling broad swaths of the law. Likely to go are its mandate that people buy health insurance or face IRS fines, and its expansion of Medicaid coverage to more lower-earning Americans. Some elements of the repeal likely wouldn't go into effect for two to four years.

Republicans will then begin the more complicated task of building a new system. The GOP will have to craft new programs for the nation's $3 trillion health care system and make sure insurance markets don't collapse while the transition is under way.

This new system should empower customers by limiting the third-party payer system.  The healthcare industry is the only one I’m aware of where pricing a product or a service is almost nonexistent.  I personally ventured into this healthcare Odyssey when seeking a general practitioner for my high blood pressure.  That was an experience to behold.

Hopefully, this Progressive nightmare will recede into the shadows and back into the closet where all bogeymen reside. President Barack Obama will become a footnote in history when Americans tasted authoritarian rule and vomited.  Now it’s time for conservatives to clean and disinfect this putrid mess.


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