Monday, January 2, 2017

Progressives Spit on the Virtues of Democracy

Don’t you just love being lectured to by liberals?  These people are so self-righteous about the virtues of democracy that they’re incapable of recognizing their own hypocrisy.  I don’t believe I’ve read an article or an op-ed about the Democratic Party’s complete disregard for “democracy”; yet, there are numerous articles and editorials about Republicans violating the virtues of our institutions simply for exercising their constitutional prerogatives.  It has gotten so outrageous some are suggesting Donald Trump is a tyrant in waiting.  Here is an excerpt from a New York Times op-ed entitled, Is Donald Trump a Threat to Democracy?

Norms of presidential restraint are also at risk. The Constitution’s ambiguity regarding the limits of executive authority can tempt presidents to try and push those limits. Although executive power has expanded in recent decades, it has ultimately been reined in by the prudence and self-restraint of our presidents.

Unlike his predecessors, Mr. Trump is a serial norm-breaker. There are signs that Mr. Trump seeks to diminish the news media’s traditional role by using Twitter, video messages and public rallies to circumvent the White House press corps and communicate directly with voters — taking a page out of the playbook of populist leaders like Silvio Berlusconi in Italy, Hugo Chávez in Venezuela and Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey

Barack Obama was prudent and exercised restraint?  Is this guy serious?  But what am I thinking?  The writer of this tripe is a fellow traveler.   Obama thinks nothing about getting on his high horse spewing the virtues of democracy while issuing executive orders and employing his minions in the federal bureaucracy churning out mandates and regulations without the peoples consent.  Is that democratic?  Isn’t that what tyrants do?

The whole progressive movement is an affront to our so-called democracy.  They were the ones who created this monstrous bureaucracy and then codified it with the 1946 Administrative Procedures Act.  Their whole intent was to circumvent Article I Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution: All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and a House of Representatives.

We are being ruled by unaccountable and unelected bureaucrats who answer only to a  progressive president.  Soon, we’ll find out if we have a federal bureaucracy that answers only to a liberal agenda.  Barack Obama and his fellow democrats have been scheming for this outcome since he came into office.

 I have another question.  Isn’t having federal judges overturning and writing laws from the bench an attack on democracy?  Liberals love using the courts to circumvent the Constitution, or completely bastardize a law to advance a liberal agenda.  We saw that here in North Carolina.  The people of the Old North State went to the polls and voted to amend our constitution recognizing only traditional marriages which consist of one man and one woman.  Liberals went to the courts and had our state constitution rendered unconstitutional.  I guess democracy only works when Democrats give their stamp of approval.


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